Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some questions we get asked about benefits and how are able to reduce cost so much.

Aren't all brokers the same?

If this was true, we would never earn new business. Fortunately for you and us, we are different. We are always amazed when we can go into a company and reduce their cost by 30% and maintain or increase their benefits. At the same time... the feeling is amazing. Watching the employees leave a benefits meeting happy because their contribution actually went down and they didn't have to sacrifice benefits to achieve it. It adds value to our clients.

Before one of our enrollment meetings a client told us, the employees are always angry during these meetings, so be prepared. After he heard the laughter through the door, he said, "I've never heard my employees have such a good time during these meetings. You guys have done more for us in two weeks then our other broker has in 2 years!"

How are you able to reduce cost so much? 

​First is our mentality that we always put our client's first above ours. Experience plays a huge part in this. We know the insurance industry as well or better than anyone. Including the large national firms. We're always competitive against them. Lastly, we look at every carrier and every option. A lot of brokers say they do, but we've seen time and time again that this just isn't true.

Do you prefer one carrier over another?

There are definitely carriers that we feel provide better service or have better technology but when it comes to network, the carriers tend to be pretty similar. Not exact but its not like the old days when one carrier had all the doctors and others only had a fraction. If you're curious, check the provider networks. You will find that all have very good coverage for just about every area in NJ. 

What's the biggest savings on any one client to date? 

If we are talking about just percentage of cost, then a 30%+ reduction is probably our largest to date and we've had several in this area. If we're talking about pure dollars, then $160,000 on a company with 52 employees is our biggest. Again, we've had a couple in this range. Bottom line is, we don't feel like we've had our biggest success yet. We know there are bigger successes to come. It's what motivates us.

What we can tell you is this... when you work with us, you will know that we will do everything we can to find the very best price for your company!​

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