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4 Steps Process


When you work with United Benefits Partners, you can expect a real partnership.

UBP develops unique solutions that fit your company, leveraging our innovative approach to marketing to uncover the right benefits package for your employees. 

While other benefits brokers are sometimes focused on getting the best commission, we’re always focused on finding you the best package at the lowest prices, every time. 

We’ve developed a unique partnership with the largest benefits wholesaler in the U.S., with over 200,000 clients and more than $4 billion in premium under management. 

It’s a win-win for you: you get the buying power of the largest General Agency in the country combined with the best in expertise and personalized service from UBP.

Your company and employees are unique. That is why you need a process that is unique.

Unique solutions that fit your company.

Step 1

Employee Benefits Marketing Machine

A Proven, Repeatable Process

Step 2

Implementation & Communication

Enrollment Systems, Benefits Website, Guidebooks

Step 3

Employee Support

Customer Service Hotline and More

Step 4

HR Support

Complete HR Support Team

Finding great rates is the foundation of your successful employee benefits program. But it doesn't end there. 

When you partner with UBP, you can expect a high level of service built into our comprehensive framework.

We'll be by your side year-round, making sure you get the best support for your employee benefits program. 

And you won't have to ask us to go out and look for more competitive pricing in the future -- continuous optimization is simply a part of the way we do business. We find the best rates today, and we keep going, year after year, to bring you great results.

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