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Step 1

Employee Benefits

Marketing Machine

We developed an employee benefits marketing machine that has developed rates as low as 23% below the competition!

Closing the Gap!

Let's start with the basics

  1. Employers want the best benefits they can buy for their employees.

  2. Carriers want to sell employers their products!

A key component of our system is that it closes this gap and brings together employers and carriers to provide a benefits solution that is often NOT presented.

As an example, here is a real statement from Dan, a sales consultant with Amerihealth:

"We have been trying to present to this company for years but their broker never shows us".


Well, we did! We brought the employer and the carrier together and when it was all said and done, this company with 70 employees in Mount Holly, NJ, saved over $100,000 in a single year! The savings were so big that their employees actually received raises because their percentage of the cost went down as well. It was a win-win for everyone!


Client Education is another key component of our system. The entire process of how to properly market your company's employee benefits can sometimes be an eye-opening experience for many employers. After years of being told they would have to reduce benefits to reduce cost, they begin to understand there is a better way. 


We often hear comments like, "Why didn't our broker show us that?" or "UBP is the only broker who has ever explained benefits to us this way." and "We meet with 2-3 brokers every year and they always show us the same things. You're the first broker who has ever shown something different".

Our focus on innovation means you’re never getting the same old cookie-cutter options that are commonplace in our business.

With our comprehensive approach, we work hard to get the best plan, every time, often leveraging one or all of the following tools: 

Unrivaled Carrier Relationships

Through our decades of experience, we’ve learned how to leverage relationships with insurance carriers so we always know about the newest products and the best negotiation tools. Carriers often hold private meetings just for us and are usually in one of our offices weekly.


We create innovative benefit plans to drive down costs while providing exceptional benefits through the strategic use of benefit and prescription plan carve-outs. Our goal is to maintain or increase benefits while maintaining or decreasing costs.


With a dozen Stop-Loss carriers, all quoted from one central location, we have the access, size advantage and expertise to produce incredible results when the right situation arises.

Prescription Plans

The prescription portion of your benefits cost is a bigger amount than you might realize. Looking at stand alone vendors is not just a great way to maintain benefits without increasing cost, its also an incredible negotiating tool.

Gap Fillers

Our gap fillers provide supplemental coverage to pay for expenses not covered in your insurance policy.

Key Advantages of Working with Us and Our Partners

  • A top producer, if not the top producer, for every major carrier in the market.

  • Incredible Leverage & Buying Power

  • 129+ Carrier Relationships

  • 12 Stop-Loss Carriers

  • Creative Plan Designs

  • Senior Level Underwriting Knowledge

  • Strategic Funding Arrangements

  • Senior Level Carrier Access 

Step 2: Communicate & Implement

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